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Black Jack Muzuru*PL born 26.06.2016y.

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Black Jack called Blacky has a very calm and gentle attitude. He loves to spend all days on the laps. All the rest of our cats familly fall in love with him really quick

Volodar of Vasilek born 20.05.2014y.

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Volodar is the youngest male cat in our cattery. He's very friendly, gentle and loves to cuddle.

WCH Cezar Zwycięzca*Pl born 25.06.2005y.

Photos Shows Pedigree

Cezar Zwyciezca*PL is a very calm cat. His fur is black tabby with white (n2309). With relations with other cats he is very untrusty and careful. At home he has his favorite spaces and if he does not have to he does not leav them. He is a born hunter and does not like to share his pray.